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What Smartbang Can Do for YOU

If you’re dating life needs direction, you came to the right place. Smartbang is the spot for finding romantic connections, whether those be hookups, casual fucks or one-night-stands. How do we achieve this? First and foremost, by understanding your interests and analyzing the opportunities in your location. Then, after processing your information, we recommend not only the best dating sites in your area, but also the best websites we believe will help you reach your dating goals quickly.

The Smart Bang Experience

The best thing about Smartbang is that it’s FREE! That’s right – we provide our unique services at no cost whatsoever. Our goal is to make it easy for you, the user, to find the ideal dating website and get laid ASAP. After you sign up and become a member, however, you’ll probably want to consider spending a few bucks on a premium membership. Most of the time, it can mean the difference between getting laid and using your hand for yet another night. You choose!

Who’s Behind Smart Bang?

Smartbang was conceived, developed and funded by a small team of dedicated webmasters with years of experience in the online dating industry. Having worked with and tested most of the biggest dating sites and apps on the internet, we understand what constitutes a quality dating service. But, more importantly, our skillset and technology put us in a privileged position to help single men and women find the best dating sites to match their individual needs.